音を紡ぎ出すようなtomarの先鋭的なエレクトロ・ブレイクビーツに乗車するMCバクラバ、大黒スケッチによる三人組異色hiphopユニット。from 高円寺ライムグリーンラボ。


Metrofield is the “underground train” (not subway) running and playing the songs out about our daily lives with the playful mind.

This unique Hip Hop unit consists of MC bakuraba, Daikoku-sketch and the track maker Tomar with the progressive electro break beats representing Koenji rhyme green lab. They are gaining props in the Chuo-line area by their explosive live shows and tasteful songs. Each member has own projects and Metrofield is the home where all the feedbacks of their projects get together.

In Feb 2011, they released “Michikusa-ep” in CDR format (Michikusa means loitering on the way). You need to meet them to get a copy. Go to their show and get it!