江崎典利(toddle)、本間則明(ex-nemo)、野本直輝(PLUGDEAD)、TDK(Limited Express(has gone?))、イワモトリョウ(Maiysha)、dicky(shobu) ...それぞれにキャリアと実績を持つメンバーが集まり、2008年に結成。圧倒的なライブ・パフォーマンスと柔軟な感性で話題をさらってきた。去年レコーディング~マスタリング・エンジニアに益子樹 (ROVO)を迎え、1stアルバム"HEAVYMETHYL"をリリース。2010年12月に野本直輝脱退後5人で活動中。


SiNE was formed in 2008 by the well-respected and experienced musicians including Noritoshi Esaki(toddle), Noriaki Honma(ex-nemo), Naoki Nomoto(PLUGDEAD), TDK(Limited Express(has gone?)), Ryo Iwamoto(Maiysha), dicky(shobu). SiNE has gained its fame by the overwhelming live performances and flexible sense of music. Last year SiNE released its first album “HEAVYMETHYL” with Tamaki Masuko(ROVO) as the recording/mastering engineer.
Naoki Nomoto quit on December 2010, but the band keeps going with the other five members.
Terrifying Crazy-Ass Fuckers of the Sun, we are SiNE!