Sora (vocal, guitar)
Ryder (guitar, vocal)
Zett (bass, bgvocal)
J.J (drums, bgvocal)

2002年、1stアルバム"AUTO SHUT OFF....ANY QUESTIONS?"をリリース。
2005年には2ndアルバム"PHONIC SOULS"(マスタリングはMC5のマイケル・デイビス)
2006年にはRyder(ex.Coattail Rider)とZett(ex.Dig-Lazy)が加入。
2009年に3rdアルバム"ROLL UP"を日本・オーストラリアでリリース。


In 1997 the Gimmies was formed by Sora and J.J joined the band next year.
In 2002 they released their 1st album "AUTO SHUT OFF....ANY QUESTIONS?".
In 2005 2nd album, “PHONIC SOULS" which was mastered by Michel Davis of MC5,was released in U.S. and Australia.
In 2006 Ryder (ex.Coattail Rider) and Zett (ex.Dig-Lazy) joined the band.
In 2009 they released their 3rd album “ROLL UP” in Japan and Australia.