today's menu

today’s menu

巻き寿司 梅きゅうり、天かす紅しょうが、油揚げそぼろ風 - Plum and Cucumber Sushi Roll, Tenkasu(bits of fried tempura)with red pickled ginger, Mushed Style Fried bean curd

ペンネアラビアータ - Penne all"arrabiata

ファラフェル(ひよこ豆のコロッケ、タヒニソース→ねりごまとレモンのさっぱりソース) - Falafel(Chickpea with Tahini Sauce/paste sesame with lemon)

タイ風ポテトサラダ - Thai Style Potato Salad

豆腐の味噌漬け - Pickled miso tofu

野菜のゆずこしょうソテー - Sautéed vegetable with Yuzu pepper

Q : 始めてどれぐらいですか?

Q : お仕事は?

Q : 今後はどのように活動するのですか?

Q : 始めて良かったこと


Q : つらかったこと

Q : 失敗談はありますか?

Q : おふくろの味


Q : 運搬方法は?

Q : お勧めのお店は?


Q : 音楽について

Q : How long have you been cooking?
For about 6 years. Because I take my time, i feel 6 years has past so first.

Q : What do you do for work?
Yoppy " I am going to quit my job soon and will go to Australia to attend the Working Holiday in this Autumn. "

Chiho " I work in a office "

Q : What is your future event plans while you are gone?
We will not do any events while i am gone.

Q : The good things since you started
I meet a lot of people and it is always fun.Everyone are very friendly and i never felt upset for anything.

Q : The hard things since you started
When i first started, i wasn't too serious what i was doing and a owner of the a restaurant complained to me.After this experience, I started being serious as a part of the event curator. I couldn't be in this situation without that experience.

Q : Do you have any embarrassed experience?
Even though I got used to make this receipt, I made a really bitter one because I put a wrong ingredients.

Q : taste of mom's cooking
Yoppi " Om-rice(an omelet with a filling of ketchup-seasoned fried rice and humberger "
Chiho " Dumpling. my mom's dumpling is not juicy, dry and something missing in the taste, but i like it. I sake my mom to make them for me whenever i go back home. "

Q : How do you carry the stuff?
Usually, each of us fills them in a huge bag and carry it. It is hard.

Q : Do you have any favorite restaurant??
Open in Shinjyuku
It is a raggae club and we've been going since we started to working together to now

Yutenji Ban
It is a roast giblets restaurant with a red paper lantern ( Cheap eating and drinking place)

Q : About music
We don't really know the roots or details of Reggae but we like the sounds .it reminds us the feeling of ocean and makes us happy when we listen reggae.