today's menu

today’s menu


鶏モモ唐揚げ – Kara-age chicken (Japanese fried chicken) ①ノーマル – Plain ②おろしポン酢 – With grated white radish and ponzu sauce ③もみじおろし – With Momiji Oroshi (granted white radish with red chili pepper) ④ハニーマスタード – With honey mustard ⑤タルタルソース – With tartar sauce ⑥マヨネーズ – With mayonnaise ⑦スィートチリソース – With sweet chili sauce


①白身魚の唐揚げ – Kara-age white fish (Japanese fried white fish) ②豆腐の唐揚げ – Kara-age tofu (Fried tofu)

ブロッコリーとオクラのナムル – Broccoli and okra namul

Q : フードを始めたきっかけ

Q : 続けてどれぐらい?

Q : 普段の仕事は

Q : 失敗談

Q : お袋の味(お母さんが得意だった料理、お母さんの料理で好きなもの)→お父さん、おばあちゃん、おじいちゃんでもOK

Q : オススメのお店
東中野cafe iwabuti

Q : すきな音楽(最近はまっているなど)

Q : How did you start FOOD?
At first, I catered foods for my cousin who played in a band. I wanted to make him fat.

Q : How long have you been doing FOOD?
For about four years

Q : What do you do for living?
Temp office worker

Q : Tell me about your failure story
I’m not good at estimating amount of sales. So sometimes items quickly sell out and sometimes they remain unsold

Q : Tell me about your mom’s cooking
I like her various chicken dishes. She can’t eat chicken though.

Q : Do you have any favorite restaurant?
Café iwabuti at Higashi- nakano
I do a whole chicken butchering event there on a regular basis

Q : What’s your favorite music?
I really like a band whose sound is plain and unfussy!!