Wanderkitchen #3 menu

Wanderkitchen #3 menu

ヘーゼルナッツカレー - Hazelnut curry

ヘーゼルナッツカレー – Hazelnut curry

ドロドロの青いポテト - Blue mushy potato

ドロドロの青いポテト – Blue mushy potato

泥みたいなバーニャカウダ - Such as mud Bagna cauda

泥みたいなバーニャカウダ – Such as mud Bagna cauda

ジェノベーゼまみれの恐竜 - Dinosaur Genovese

ジェノベーゼまみれの恐竜 – Dinosaur Genovese

手羽先のジンジャーエール煮 - Poppo died in ginger ale

手羽先のジンジャーエール煮 – Poppo died in ginger ale

デブの素 - Calories over Cupcakes

デブの素 – Calories over Cupcakes





Q : 今回のメニュー選びについて

Q : 定番メニュー

Q : 苦労したこと
*今回のイベント用として用意されたバーニャカウダーのにんじんは20本、きゅうり10本 セロリ9本です!

Q : 子供の頃から料理をしていましたか?

Q : おふくろの味

Q : 運搬方法

Q : おすすめのお店

Q : 音楽について
今回の仕込み中は「Gangster soul Harmony Vol.8」(チカーノ・セレクトのソウルコンピ)を流していました。

Q : Why did you choose this menu for this event?
I decided to use a colorful menu today.
I usually decide menus based on a image of the party. Also, I have been cooking some menus using a food coloring such like purple and black.

Q : What is your original menu?
Each menus are different in each events. A while ago, We had a chicken curry as a catering food at work and we made a large portion of it for more employee. We called it as Hezetunuts curry and people liked it. Since then, we serve this menu in an event.

Q : What is that you had a hard time?

It usually tough for us to curry all the groceries.
★The preparation for todays' menu Bagna càuda are 20 carrots, 10 cucumbers and 9 celleries.

Q : Did you cook in a childhood?
My parents had their own grommet store and they usually weren't at home, so i remember i used to cook with my grandmother. I liked to surprise my mom by showing my own cooking when she came back home.

Q : What is the taste of your mom's cooking?
String Beans wrapped with pork. It usually was in my Bento Box (lunch box)

Q : How do you carry all the cooking wear
Usually by train. i usually pack everything in a traveling cart and put a rice cooker in a bag pack.

Q : Your favorite restaurant

The place i work in Shimokitazawa called " Mona Record"
They serve a basic taco rice and Gapao(Spicy minced chicken on rice with fried egg). In the night, it becomes like Izakaya atmosphere and they serve KAKUNI(Japanese braised pork)

Q : About music
I have been listening a lot of soul music and Compilation record or CD of rock steady recently.
while I was cooking for this event, I was playing 「Gangster soul Harmony Vol.8」(Chicano select's soul compilation)