today's menuキーマカレー - keema curry

Q : 定番メニューはある?

Q : こだわりのポイントは?

Q : 普段のお仕事は?

Q : 苦労したこと or 努力したことor悩んだこと

Q : 普段、家ではどんな料理をつくる?


Q : おふくろの味(おばあちゃん、おじいちゃん、おとうちゃんでもOK)

Q : 運搬方法

Q : おすすめのお店

Q : おすすめの音楽

「Cinema staff」

Q : Do you have any routine meals?
mapo tofu (tofu with spicy sauce) and creamed chicken

Q : What is the discerning point?
I am getting old and a lot of friends from my childhood come to my events too, so I care about serving a menu which doesn't give you heartburn.
Also, I make a big portion for each dish with an inexpensive price, because I've experienced small portions with expensive prices and i was never satisfied.

Q : What do you do?
I am in a band and i do vocals and keyboard.
People have different impressions from our sounds, so our genre can be called progressive, Showa pop or Emo.

Q : Have you ever been distressed by doing FOOD or had any troubles?

Having so much luggage to carry to each event is tough.

Q : What do you usually cook at home?

I have been into making a hot and sour soup recently

Q : What is the taste of your mom’s cooking?

My mother didn't cook much but my father used to make a cod roe spaghetti. That is a profoundly memorable taste to me.

Q : How do you carry all the cooking wear
I use a cart and a big eco bag to carry my stuff.

Q : Your favorite restaurant

My favorite restaurant is "TAKETORA" in Shinjyuku. Their Shoyu Ramen (noodle in a soy sauce soup) is really good.
When we have a live show at Shinjyuku Motion, i go there before playing the show.

Q : About music
"Cinema staff"